Designer Orange/White Print Luxury Parrot Dress in Cotton for Women

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The Parrot print is custom made for LILA.EUGENIE from cool Italian cotton.

The dress is fully lined with side pockets.

It is designed for a casual look that can be worn any time of the day or night.

The corset belt adds a modern air  -it can cinched at the waist or left looser for a more casual look.

The Designer Orange/White Print Luxury Parrot Dress from Lila-Eugenie offers a vibrant, relaxed style. This dress is made from 100% Italian cotton and is a testament to luxurious comfort and quality. The elasticated chest ensures a perfect fit, true to size, and is designed to provide a relaxed and flattering silhouette. Ideal for women who value comfort and style, this dress is perfect for various occasions, from beach outings to casual resort wear. It reflects Lila-Eugenie’s commitment to creating timeless, sustainable beachwear designs that embody designer luxury and practicality. The unique parrot print adds a playful touch, making this dress stand out in any wardrobe. It’s perfect for those who appreciate the fusion of high-quality materials and elegant, beach-inspired fashion.



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