Designer Luxury Daffodil Clutch Bag for Women

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Embrace the essence of coastal elegance with our Designer Luxury Daffodil Clutch Bag for Women. Each clutch is a unique expression of style, featuring an ivory canvas adorned with delicate laces that gracefully wrap around its silhouette. It is versatile and can be folded in two or three, adapting to your needs and style. The clutch is fully lined, ensuring the protection of your essentials. Paired with our Crop Top and Wrap Skirt, this clutch completes a timeless and contemporary look. Lila Eugenie’s commitment to slow fashion and sustainability is evident in every stitch, promising a luxury resort wear experience that’s as responsible as it is stylish. Simplified yet sophisticated, this clutch is your perfect companion for sun-soaked destinations.

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One Size Open Flat (50×33)



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